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The  DYFL forms teams based on the grade your cheerleader will be in during the current season.  Team assignments are based  primarily on  criteria per the Illinois Recreational Cheerleading Association rules.  The DYFL may take additional factors into consideration if needed.

The initial plan is to split the teams in the following:  

Grades K-1 : Flag Cheer only - no Competition 

Grades2nd-4th: Competition and Side Line Cheer

Grades 5&6:  Competition and Side Line Cheer 

Grades 7th - 8th Competition & Cheering for Middle School Football teams side Line Cheer 

Football Age/Weight Requirements

The  DYFL Season will be operating under age (as of August 1st) and weight based rules.  Player team assignments will be based  primarily on the following criteria per the Northern Illinois Football Conference rules.  The DYFL may take additional factors into consideration if needed.  The season typically runs from late July until October.  Flag Football has a shortened season.  Some teams may participate in option post-season events at the discretion of the DYFL Board of Directors.

Please note that DYFL Tackle Football is only for ELEMENTARY KIDS. 6-8th grade will have to register for the Middle School Program.

FLAG FOOTBALL: Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-7 

FLAG FOOTBALL:  5 - 8 years old, No tackle football experience

FLYWEIGHT: Age Max of 8 years old ~ Max~ Ball Carrier Weight: 85 lbs ~ Game-Day Max Weight: Non-Petitioned - 107 lbs; Petitioned – 110

LIGHTWEIGHT: Age 9 years old (and under) ~ Max ~ Ball Carrier Weight: 110 lbs ~ Game-Day Max Weight: Non-Petitioned - 132 lbs; Petitioned - 135 lbs

MIDDLEWEIGHT: Age 10 years old (and under) ~ Max ~ Ball Carrier Weight: 120 lbs ~ Game-Day Max Weight: Non-Petitioned - 142 lbs; Petitioned - 145 lbs

HEAVYWEIGHT: Age 11-12 years old (and under) Grades: 6th and under ~ Max ~ Ball Carrier Weight: 140 lbs ~ Game-Day Max Weight: Non-Petitioned - 172 lbs; Petitioned - 175 lbs

Our Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please contact us at to find out more information on how to support our Jr. Barbs!


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DeKalb Youth Football League

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DeKalb Jr. Barbs is a competitive youth league offering Tackle Football and Cheerleading for grades 2nd - 6th (ages 7-11) in the DeKalb, IL area.  


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Refund Policy

Registration refunds will be granted if requested in writing by 06/15/2021 (Note: This refund date also applies to anyone registering close to the 6/15/21 deadline). After the 6/15/21 deadline, no refunds will be given unless it is due to medical reason and a doctor’s note is given.  If for medical reason, refund will be registration fee paid minus administrative fees, jersey cost and amount of sold raffle tickets (un-sold raffle tickets must be returned)

USA Football Parent Guide

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USA Football Parents Web Course

This is a web course from USA Football for parents whose sons or daughters are involved with youth football. The course is free but you must register with USA Football.