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Partial Scholarship

2019 - Partial Scholarship Process

There is very limited amounts of scholarships available for the 2019 season.  They will be based on need and no longer based on first come, first serve. You must fill out application in full and provide ALL requested documents in order for your application to be reviewed.

Filling out the application and providing required documentation does not guarantee approval.

$200 is due at time of registration/applying for scholarship. Note - after you have fulfilled one 2-hour volunteer shift, you will receive a refund in the amount of $50. 

All paperwork must be submitted by May 19th.  Please mail all documents to:

DYFL, PO Box 1164, DeKalb, IL  60115

All applications will be reviewed by a committee and decisions will be made by June 1st.  


Partial Scholarship Information

The DeKalb Youth Football League has a Partial Scholarship Program to aid parents who may need assistance with registration fees.  The DYFL Partial Scholarship covers the following areas:

  • Partial Scholarship covers a portion of the registration fees (does not include volunteer deposit).

Scholarship assistance eligibility is based on household income and need.  All information in this application will remain private and confidential.  To qualify for a partial scholarship for the 2019 season, a copy of the prior year’s income tax return, copies of your last 3 paychecks and verification of all information listed on this page must accompany this application.

What Every Parent and/or Guardian Should Know About the Fee Assistance Process

Before submitting the Fee Assistance request application to the DYFL Board of Directors, parents and/or guardians should understand the following:

  • Parents/guardians must apply in person at registration. 
  • Online registrations will not be approved due to paperwork needed for eligibility and limited availability. Please note,  filling out and submitting an application, does not guarantee approval.
  • There are a limited amount of scholarships available.
  • The fee assistance eligibility requirements
  • Please submit all documentation and the completed application at one time to be considered for a partial scholarship.  Incomplete applications will not be approved.
  • Applications will be approved/denied by June 1, 2019.  Approval are valid for the 2019 season only.

How to Apply for a Partial Scholarship

The scholarship request process if very straightforward.  To ensure proper diligence, every scholarship request is examined and assessed on its own.

The scholarship request process is as follows:

  1. Come to in-person registration and request application for fee assistance.
  2. Fill out application & registration forms.
  3. Provide required documents for eligibility
  4. Once the scholarships have been submitted, the DYFL Scholarship Committee will review the request.
  5. The Scholarship Committee will respond indicating whether the scholarship has been approved or denied.

Terms and Conditions

If the partial scholarship request is approved, the following terms and conditions will apply:

  • The scholarship covers partial registration fees for one season.  The DYFL will cover $150 of the registration fee. Raffle tickets will be given in the amount paid to help offset the cost (this does not include volunteer deposit).
  • The scholarship does not cover uniform accessories such as cleats/shoes, arm pads, under gear, warm ups, etc.
  • The Scholarship does not cover the cost of CHEER or FOOTBALL camp.
  • A registration form must be completed for the player, providing essentials details including address, contact information, media and medical authorization.