Hello DYFL Families and the DeKalb Community,


We hope that everyone is doing well during these unusual times!!! A few nuggets of DYFL information to pass on....


Historically by this time in years past we have a decent idea of how many football and cheerleading participants we will have for the upcoming season.  Unfortunately the current state of the world has slowed registration and makes it difficult for not only the DYFL but the Conference to plan.  In hopes of effecting our families financial stability the least and getting a better hold of our numbers and ENCOURAGING EARLY REGISTRATION for this upcoming season we are waiving the 50% down payment at the time of online registration.   Payments for both Football and Cheerleading registration for the 2020 season are getting temporarily overhauled.  The INITIAL payment at time of registration will be ELIMINATED.  After a return-to-play plan has been announced and accepted by our Conference the DYFL will send out invoices with pay-in-full or payment plan options.  Also, the $0.00 down invoice payment option will only be in effect until our timelines get established.  After that we will move back to our original $150 down x 4 monthly payments as described on the website.  (The overall cost will remain the same as stated on the website. Only the payment structure is being altered.)  Scholarships/Fee Assistance is still available to qualifying families. (Please submit your Fee Assistance Request and wait for a response PRIOR to registering.)


We continue to move forward in planning the 2020 DYFL football and cheerleading season.  Until we hear otherwise from the State of Illinois our anticipation is that the 2020 season will be a “go” in some regard for August.  Along with information from the State we are awaiting “Return-to-Play” guidelines from the Illinois High School Association.  In all likelihood our conference will follow those recommendations.  With that said the DYFL independently will err on the side of caution and safety for not only our participants but for the family, friends and spectators that support the DYFL.  Our football Conference (NIFC) continues to plan ahead for this season as well and the other teams in our Conference are doing the same.  As additional information comes to light we will update everyone.  


When the State does issue updated information on sports beginning this fall WE WILL NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK to get things ready for the season.  It takes about 6 months to prepare for the season.  Everything is on hold at the moment including vendor ordering and manufacturing.  When the “go-head” is given there will be a ton of work in a short amount of time and the DYFL Board will NEED everyone’s help to get things done. 


The kids have put in their time of e-learning and being locked down and away from friends.  When things ramp back up lets be sure to give them the best experience we can!!


As always if you have questions or comments, or can help in some way, please reach out at info@mydyfl.com.