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Who is DYFL?

About DeKalb Youth Football & Cheerleading League

DYFL Mission Statement

DeKalb Youth Football League
“Tradition Starts Today”

Our Vision:

The DeKalb Youth Football League (DYFL) will provide the children of DeKalb County an opportunity to play competitive tackle football in a safe, structured and enjoyable environment.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to develop a character-building program that enhances teamwork, good sportsmanship, and good citizenship by providing players with life long skills that will encourage them to be a positive example in society.

We believe that active participation in our program will help to provide some of the fundamental skills, knowledge and values that our participants will use in sports and other aspects in their lives.

To accomplish our mission, our goals and objectives are:

• To encourage and increase youth participation in football & cheerleading in our community.

• To provide a safe, structured and supervised environment.

• To provide an organized format where our youth participants are introduced to football, cheerleading and related activities in an atmosphere which communicates sportsmanship, self-discipline, and fair play, with supervisors emphasizing safety in all coaching techniques.

• To instill superior values of teamwork, dedication and work ethic that will be used on the playing field, in the classroom and in life.

• To promote a family-oriented, community-based organization, supported by all of its members, to insure the ultimate benefit to our youthful participants.

DYFL Core Values

DYFL Core Values

We will teach respect, responsibility, integrity, teamwork and sportsmanship knowing that lessons learned through youth sports will further benefit players in their everyday lives. We recognize that children learn best by example and we will actively encourage all coaches and board members to model these core values.

Those associated with the sport show respect by treating themselves, other persons, institutions and their sport according to the highest standards of conduct. It implies civilized and gracious behavior to players, coaches, fans and parents.

Athletes show responsibility by making academic progress a top priority. They solve problems rather than make excuses, and are reliable team players. Students should be accountable for their actions and decisions, and coaches and administrators should maintain high standards of competence and conduct.

For student competitors and their coaches, integrity means keeping commitments and conducting honest behavior.

A leader is one who influences others. This core value refers to putting the group first and becoming responsible for personal and group roles while performing at your best. Players will be required to exhibit positive leadership roles.

Teamwork is a joint action by two or more people, in which each person contributes with different skills and expresses his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group in order to achieve common goals.

Sportsmanship is conformance to the rules, spirit, and etiquette of the sport. The conduct of educational sports according to the highest standards is our expectation for sportsmanship. Administrators, coaches, students, fans and parents are expected to act correctly even when others do not, and demonstrate fairness and equity in all contests and relationships.